Top Tips For Being Awesome and Getting Stuff Done


Multi-tasking is one of those essential skills that every mum needs, and if you’re a work at home mum or freelancer it’s even more vital that you can juggle several things at once.

But, if you have a never ending to-do list and struggle to find enough hours in the day to get it all done, here are some hacks to maximise your productivity…

  1. Take yourself away from distractions – If the house is a mess and all you can think about is tidying up, it might be best to go and work in a coffee shop for a couple of hours. If you have to be at home, make sure you turn off the TV to avoid being distracted by daytime television.
  2. Write lists – The world can be divided into 2 types of people, those who write lists and those who don’t. As a lover of lists I can guarantee that you’ll get more done if you write down your tasks and tick them off as you go. If you’re a bit of a stationery geek you can also use it as an excuse to buy pretty pens and notepads!
  3. Prioritize – When writing your lovely lists make sure you put the most important things at the top. The worst thing you can do when you’re working for yourself is miss important deadlines that your clients are waiting for.
  4. Don’t promise too much – It’s hard not to see the pound signs when you are offered extra work but try to be realistic. If you can only fit 4 or 5 hours work around the school run, don’t take on any more. You’ll only end up stressed out at midnight when you’re tired and still trying to get everything finished.
  5. Take regular breaks – The benefit of working for yourself is that you can take breaks whenever you want (that and being able to work in your PJs!). Neckache, backache and headaches are common when using computers for long periods of time, so take advantage of the fact you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck and make sure you get up, have a stretch and make a cup of coffee every so often.
  6. Pat yourself on the back – If you manage to cross lots of tasks of your list, or finish a big project before the deadline then give yourself credit for being awesome…and maybe have a nice slice of cake as a reward!

If you have any other good tips feel free to leave them in the comments section, or tweet or facebook me via the links at the side.



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