The best things about being a working mum


Looking after children AND going to work is hard. It’s a lot of rushing around, earning less money than you used to, and feeling guilty for missing those all important milestones.

But with the aim of injecting a bit of positivity into an otherwise stressful part of life, here are 10 reasons why it is also great…

  1. There are grown ups to talk to
  2. You get to eat your lunch in peace without a little person stealing it
  3. No one shouts “Muuuuuuuuum” at you for a few hours
  4. You can go to the toilet by yourself. Alone. With no one watching
  5. You can make several cups of tea/coffee and drink them while they’re still hot
  6. No Disney Jnr or Cbeebies!
  7. Nobody wipes their nose on your clothes
  9. You have a legitimate reason to work less hours than everyone else
  10. You realise you actually quite like your kids and look forward to getting home and giving them a big cuddle.

See, maybe it’s not all bad!


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