Trendy Tot – because who doesn’t like bear ears?

As my first fashion related post post I’ve chosen a gorgeous outift that I bought last week for my 4.5 year old daughter – because let’s be honest, how many of us mums actually spend all of our money on our kids rather than ourselves! I’ve lost track of the number of times I have been shopping for me and only come back with clothes for mini-me instead.

I saw a really cute faux fur gilet in one of the supermarkets that had sadly sold out in age 4-5 years so I went on the hunt for something similar and headed to my favourite kids clothes shop Next and found something even better…


This one is a cream coloured gilet with a hood with ears. My thoughts are that I can’t get away with bear ears on my clothes so I’m going to put my child in these things while she still lets me. She absolutely loves it and it was a struggle to get her to take it off. When asked why she liked it so much her reply was “It’s so soft and I look like a teddy bear” – what’s not to like! Even when the gilet is done up you could fit a nice chunky jumper or cardi underneath, so it’s perfect for winter.

I paired the gilet up with a long sleeved pink t-shirt with a sparkly bunny print and light pink jeans (both also from Next) and a pair of dark brown knitted boots with little pompoms that were bought from Zulily. As I find with most kids clothes from Next the t-shirt and jeans (both age 4-5 years) are very generous in size. The jeans also have the adjustable waistband which is much needed when you have a tall, skinny child like mine. The boots are by a make called Mine which I haven’t heard of before, they’re good quality for the price, and the size 9 is quite snug when worn with socks.

I’m thinking that this outfit will be perfect for the many Christmas events that we will no doubt be going to over the next 6 weeks, though I will probably swap the pink trousers for jeans/jeggings if there is likely to be food involved!

Trendy Tot Thursday : ClearlyBex

7 thoughts on “Trendy Tot – because who doesn’t like bear ears?

  1. MotherGeek says:

    Aww! H looks so cute! Loving the gilet. I can’t believe she’s in size 9 shoes. Syd is too. I swear my daughter is destined to have clown feet. They are so much bigger than the rest of her! Thanks for joining in with #TT_Thursday and welcome to blogging! X

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