Top Tips To Make Your Mornings Easier


If you have kids you’ll know that one of the biggest challenges every day is getting everyone out of the door on time. Whether you have work and school to get to, or just an early morning appointment, getting out of the house will most likely be full of tantrums, shouting and a little bit of bribery.

I’m not going to pretend we have no stressing in the mornings, but here are a few things that I’ve found make life a little bit easier:

Do as much preparation as you can before you go to bed.

Even if you’re shattered and just want to crash, it’s worth staying up a little bit later to reduce headaches in the morning.

  • Make lunches, pack lunch bags, check you have enough bread, and pop everything in the fridge ready to just grab in the morning.
  • Lay out the breakfast things. You don’t want to be rushing round trying to find spoons when you’re already late, and older children can pour their cereal out themselves if everything is in front of them ready.
  • Get clothes ironed and laid out, including pants and socks so that no one is hunting for a missing sock when you should have already left the house.
  • Put bags, shoes and coats by the door. You can check before you go to bed that someone hasn’t lost a shoe or forgotten to pack a book.

Do things in the right order

This is a rookie mistake that we made several times in the first couple of weeks of school! Have breakfast and brush teeth before getting dressed so they don’t end up with milk or toothpaste down the last clean school jumper.

Set a challenge

Whether it’s a race to see who can dressed or brush first, or asking them to brush their teeth before a timer goes off, a little challenge should help to gets bums moving.

Incorporate morning routines into reward charts

If your children are lacking enthusiasm to get moving in the mornings you could create a reward chart with stickers for everything that they need to complete. If they’ve got ready quickly every morning without being nagged then you can bribe encourage them with a little treat at the weekend. If you already have a more general reward chart you could just add a ‘Morning’ section to it.

Allow a bit of TV / iPad

Whilst this does sound a bit crazy, if the kids think they can watch 10 minutes of Disney Jnr or play on the iPad if they are ready early then it may get them moving faster. It also lets you finish getting yourself ready in peace.


I hope some of these help you get through the mornings with a bit less stress – do let me know if these ideas have helped you.

If all else fails I find that threatening to take them to school in their pyjamas usually works!

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5 thoughts on “Top Tips To Make Your Mornings Easier

  1. Ellie @ Hand Me Down Baby says:

    Haha! I love the threat of taking them to school in their pjs. My toddler would probably think that was great fun though.
    At this stage I know that if I absolutely have to get somewhere then I just need to put Peppa on the iPhone and I can get her dressed, teeth brushed, hair done, and into the car in no time at all. I do pre-prep everything else though.


  2. KHF says:

    I used to think I was a morning person, now I’ve got a 7-month-old, a labradoodle and a husband all to get ready I’ve worked out, I’m definitely not! Sometimes I wish I had someone to get me ready.

    Think I’ll employ the bribery of extra iPad/TV/computer time once ready when Sprog gets older. A little reward never hurt anyone! #brilliantblogposts

    Liked by 1 person

  3. KHF says:

    Love it! I used to be a morning person until a 7-month-old, labradoodle and husband got in the way of my morning cup of tea…

    Just wish us mums had someone getting us ready and pushing us out of the door! #brilliantblogposts


  4. internationalelfservice says:

    Ha ha yes ours also know they’ll do ‘the walk of shame’ in their pjs if they’re not ready. Ours are pretty good, it’s just me that’s hopeless first thing!

    Liked by 1 person

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