What’s the best first pet for a child?

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12 thoughts on “What’s the best first pet for a child?

  1. Sam Bourne (@luckytwinmumsam) says:

    I am going to follow this post as really interested to know the answer. Alfie wants a pet for his 5th birthday in March. I considered Guinea pigs but someone said the squeaking drove them mad! We are now looking into rabbits with a potential to train as a house rabbit. Great post 🙂


  2. Leanne Cornelius says:

    We have cats and our eleven month loves them, I’m so excited for her to grow up with them!
    My sister has just got fish, her 6 year old loves them but her 3 year old isn’t really bothered by them, maybe fish will be more entertaining in a few years?
    A rabbit is always a good option, I have no idea how high/low maintenance they are as I’ve never had them, but they’re cute and fluffy 🙂


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  3. lisagraham1 says:

    I like the idea of rabbits or fish. What about an indoor cat and then you don’t have to worry about a cat flap? I’m sure little H will like whatever you choose xx


  4. Kerry norris says:

    We’ve got a dog but that’s cause we’ve always had them when I was growing up. We also have fish and a rabbit. Of all of them I’d say the rabbit gives me the most grief. So messy and it stinks lol x


  5. steph_baybee says:

    We have just lost our guinea pigs but they were so cute, and lovely to handle for kids. They were such happy little things. However they poo soooo much! I imagine rabbits would too. I hated cleaning them out in the rain and cold during the winter. We couldn’t keep them indoors as my daughters were allergic to them. I loved my hamster when I was a little girl, it went everywhere with me, they are so quick to clean out, you could clean them out often easily as their cage is small.


  6. lambandbear says:

    We have a beautiful ragdoll cat. She’s so fluffy and beautiful. Personally I think cats are easier than hamster as you don’t have a cage to clean! I’m lazy and don’t want the extra task! Ha!


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