The Rise of the Slummy Mummies

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10 thoughts on “The Rise of the Slummy Mummies

  1. DonnaH says:

    Yes to all of the above… I’ve been really quite disturbed today by the amount of people commenting on social media defending these parents!!! THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR PAJAMAS ON THE SCHOOL RUN / AT THE SHOPS / ANYWHERE OTHER THAN AT HOME!!!! One rather brilliant tongue in cheek solution I saw today was “ok so if you don’t have time to change out of pjs in the morning, here’s a thought – try sleeping in your clothes – problem solved!” 😂😂


  2. Mummys Reasons To Smile says:

    Exactly. .. takes 2 mins to put on jeans and Stick your hair up. Or better yet make sure you have enough time to get ready. I mean it’s not just the fact it looks bad but I mean kids can be cruel and will pick on another kid for the slightest of thing… no need to give them fuel for it xx


  3. dadbloguk says:

    Well, this is where being a stay at home dad is a blessing and a curse. Blessing = I don’t judged the same way as women. Curse = why shouldn’t I be expected to keep the same standards? That said, even if I say so myself, I have pretty high standards when it comes to appearance etc. Oh, and I have two kids ot get ready each morning and have never, ever, turned up in pajamas or claimed I don’t have time to get them ready! #MMWBH

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  4. min1980 says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I knew I did like people wandering about in their pyjamas in public, but I hadn’t quite articulated why. This hits the nail on the head. It’s about setting an example.


  5. cherylbarry says:

    Clicking through to this post after you commented on my similar blog post earlier today. I completely and utterly agree. And the weird thing is that I didn’t expect quite so many mums to be so against this view. I thought wearing PJs on the school run would be in the minority. I’m still getting a barrage of comments both for and against. I never expected so much controversy over something which is so simple and takes, as you say 20 seconds to put on some jeans! x

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